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How to Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV offers various means of earning Gil in-game, such as questing, gathering, crafting and the Market Board. However, certain methods may produce more Gil than others at certain times such as before and after new patches have been released.


FFXIV gil is an essential currency in any game, yet not essential for enjoying its experience. Still, many players aspire to acquire it because it enables them to purchase various goods.
Questing, FATEs and leves provide the most reliable ways of earning Gil in-game. Not only do these activities generate steady streams of Gil, they also advance your storyline.

Additionally, both dungeons and raids in Final Fantasy XIV provide small rewards in Gil. Furthermore, players should participate in weekly Duty Roulettes and Challenge Logs; though these provide secondary sources of Gil, their cumulative effect can add up over time. Finally, Treasure Maps provide a fast way of amassing Gil quickly if they are managed carefully enough.


FFXIV gil is used as currency to purchase items, equipment and Materia. You can earn it from defeating enemies who drop loot of various levels after every battle; its amount varies according to monster level, type and kind. Gil can also be earned through treasure caskets.
Gathering is an effective method of earning Gil. When the game launches after a patch update, gathering nodes and materials may become highly lucrative due to high player demand for end-game gear melded gear. However, each server and DC has different prices; thus some methods may no longer be effective once other players have taken notice.


An ample supply of FFXIV gil is necessary to equip your character with top-tier weapons and armor, which can make all the difference in battle – powerful swords delivering devastating strikes or sturdy protective shields protecting from enemy attacks.

Low-level players and free trial casuals often overlook the importance of having enough Gil, but those in end game who wish to upgrade their classes and buy glamour items, mounts, or houses require plenty of funds on hand – this is where gil-making techniques such as those mentioned here come into play.

Crafting is one of the best FFXIV gil-earning methods across levels, offering up millions a day if done expertly. Gathering can also be effective at the start of each patch when new nodes and components become available.

Market Board

Buy- and sell-trade on the market board is key to earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. The system is straightforward, making it easy for players to quickly locate local market boards in cities and major towns near main aetherytes – the boards can usually be found near them!
Some quests and missions offer buy ffxiv gil online, with raid boss chests sometimes also providing this currency. Furthermore, many items can be sold back to merchants in exchange for small amounts of Gil.

Retainers are an easy and profitable way to make Gil, especially before new patches. Set your retainers to sell at night when most players are offline – this way you’ll collect an influx of Gil from sleeping masses! Additionally, keeping your auction house listings updated can also earn you some Gil.


Final Fantasy XIV offers many methods for players to earn FFXIV gil, an in-game currency which provides access to equipment and confidence for exploring deeper content.

Missions offer players plenty of Gil, while dungeons often give access to rare Bazaar items or give access to exclusive Bazaar items. Players can find Gil in treasure chests as well as by completing Main Scenario Quests that grant Lightning Gil and stat increases.

Many players save up their FFXIV gilto purchase homes in each ward of the game. Though its real estate market is slightly cheaper than some MMORPGs, costs still can add up significantly; for instance a Laurel Gobbue or Bomb Palanquin home can set you back 120k Gil.

Reliable Information Regarding Cheap Ffxiv Gil